Of all the style and grooming tips out there, “Give good face” is my number one. If good style is good manners, one wouldn’t want to be impolite, so take care of the first impression you make.

While a skincare routine is key to keeping things in check, the reality is there are times where things just go a little haywire. Too much stress, a crazy schedule, and even too much travel and revelry can sometimes rear up and throw your skin into a frenzy. This is the time to step in a do a face mask.

One that I recently tried out and loved was the Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Masque, which is formulated to combat skin fatigue. In other words, when it’s clear your nose has been to the grindstone and back, this is the product you need to set up a date with.

This says to apply a thick layer and leave on for ten minutes. It looks a bit like tapioca pudding, and I’ll be honest, the scent isn’t my favorite. It doesn’t smell bad, per se, but it does smell a bit more “dowdy” than I’m inclined to liking.  Maybe it’s too powdery? Too stuffy?

Normally, if I don’t love every aspect of a product — texture, scent, results — I won’t write about it on the site. Because I’m picky, and I don’t have time for nonsense. That said, this product is one that I can overlook the smell because it’s not my favorite. Do I want to smell like this product? Absolutely not. Can I deal with the fragrance because I love the results? Absolutely.

So. The results. I did this mask while I was doing some writing last night. Put it on, and then get distracted clicking them keys. After 10 minutes I rinsed off my face with some water, dried with a paper towel (keep things clean!) and I surveyed the results. Did my skin look good? Yes. Earth shatteringly different? Not at first. But then, as the night went on, I thought it kept getting better and better.

By the time I climbed into bed the texture of my skin looked radiant and it felt super moisturized and supple. It just felt refreshed and rejuvenated. The scent that I did’t like thankfully didn’t stick around, but this morning when I woke up the results were still there.

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