Big, 80’s style surfer hair has always been one of my favorite looks. Big hair, don’t care —when it’s a little disheveled, Devil-may-care, that’s when I’m happiest with my hair. And the Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray may just be the end-all for me.

This combines surf spray with texturizing powder, and it gives you the ability to really control exactly where it’s delivered. Need more volume in the back? Want those bangs more texturized? Boom. You’re good to go.

If you have straight hair, just make sure that your haircut is working for you — choppy, and rough cuts are going to really pick up on this product, and give you more of that edgy look. Otherwise, this product is still great for overall texture and volume — it’ll really plump up those locks.

Oribe is renowned for being one of the best hair care companies around, and they definitely deliver on their promises with this one.

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