Well here we are, and the first month of 2016 has officially closed. Much like the tides, daily life ebbs and flows. Sometimes things are chaotic and sometimes they’re calm, but lately things have been on hyper-speed. The sidewalks of life have been seemingly replaced with conveyor belts, and I’ve been trying to find time to enjoy the quieter moments.

giafrese-20160103-3589 Big life changes were the focus of January. I closed out my freelance life and headed into the office for a full time job. It’s been an adjustment, for sure, but it’s also not that divergent from what I’ve been doing over the last 6 years. Overseeing production of digital media content and ensuring that brand messaging is consistent for the 3 or so brands I oversee is basically the same as what I did as a freelancer. Having always worked with multiple clients with diverse personalities, navigating the nuances of work and my new co-workers isn’t really all that new. giafrese-20160103-3611 But 2015 was all about making big strides towards my own dreams and getting closer to completing the projects I’ve been working on for literally years. I find that now I need to figure out how to stream in hobbies and pleasures with the realities of clocking in to the office on a daily basis. It seems like no matter what I do, I still don’t have enough time to get my own projects done. Maybe I’ll never feel quite like there’s enough time to do what I want. In the meantime I’ll keep heading forward, and hopefully getting things done as best and as quick as I can.giafrese-20160103-3590

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker

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