My Take on Modern: Old World Meets Minimalism

I’ve always been a bit of an old soul. I spent a few years living in Italy, I’m obsessed with life in Paris, and my apartments are always relics of yesteryear. I feel more comfortable where there’s patina and history — but at the same time, I work in digital and I’m definitely all about those modern comforts. My style has always been somewhere between yesterday and today, and I think the balance between the two comes down to patterns and textures, and keeping an eye on silhouette.



From the ankle up, everything is super streamlined and fitted. I went with navy blue, a nice alternative to black, and here the color helps create a modern look — no fuss, no muss, and everything looks clean and polished.



What up sunglasses — I talk about them all the time, and they really are the best way to up your style without doing very much. These are from Arnette and feature a rectangular shape that’s sort of an ’80’s revival. The tortoiseshell gives it a ’30s effect that I love. The streamlined yet slightly exaggerated silhouette is perfect here because it plays off of the simplicity¬†of the rest of the outfit.


The shoes here make the outfit for me, and they are where the old world comes into this look. The floral pattern is a bit Hawaiian, a bit grandmother’s wallpaper, and I’m kind of crazy about it. The electric blue gives it a masculine edge while also updating it — what up Pantone — and the chunkier also gives it some modern weight. These are in a lighter material that’s perfect for the summer, and they’re surprisingly comfortable. Perfect for when I need to be running all over the city from meeting to meeting.


Sunglasses c/o Arnette  / American Apparel T Shirt / H&M Shorts / Dr. Martens

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker


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