I’ll admit, the first thing that drew me to Marvis Toothpaste was the packaging. It’s amazingly well designed and is something you actually want to leave out on your counter. What has me hooked, however, is the delightful taste. I was in Los Angeles and wanted to splurge on a travel toothpaste. My bathroom closet at home has about a billion travel sized toothpastes tucked away, as toothpaste is the one thing I usually forget when I travel. This trip was no different, and I was on the prowl for some anti-cavity excitement. Marvis Toothpaste is originally from Florence, and it’s that Italian heritage that gives the beautiful sense of design. Tucked away in an apothecary style tube, this toothpaste has a super soft and gentle “mouth feel.” I went with the Jasmin Mint toothpaste, and it was a totally different experience from the usual intense mints that I’m used to. It kind of tasted like a macaron, and I’m ok starting my mornings with dental hygiene that tastes like French pastries. I brushed like normal and my mouth felt super clean and refreshed, noticeably so considering it was the first use. Long-term results I can’t quite talk about yet, but for a change in routine and a really pleasant experience I can only give my highest recommendation.

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