I’m pretty sure you can’t even say the full name of this mask before your time using the mask is up, but that’s all fine and dandy, because the M-61 Skincare Fast Blast 2-minute Vitamin C Facial Mask lives up to its name, and delivers on its promises.

I have friends who are all about going to the spa and getting treaments. That’s never something that’s really appealed to me. Maybe I’m too stubbornly independant, or maybe I’m just cheap. Who knows — but at the end of the day, I still care about my skin, and do take care of it.

That said, I don’t always have time to mess around with various masks and things. Some of my favorites take about 15 minutes and sort of make a mess, and if I’ve had a super stressful day or my skin is looking a little rough right before I’m about to go out for the night, I need something that’s quick and powerful.

The M-61 Skincare Fast Blast 2-minute Vitamin C Facial Mask is just that silver bullet.

This product really is quick, and it really is super effective. Pump a bit of the product into your fingers and apply to your face — you have to move quickly to cover everything evenly, because the mask foams up and starts working immediately. Once applied to your face the mask starts to foam up, and then as the two minute mark approaches, it starts to fade away a bit. The product doesn’t burn or tingle, but you can feel the mask working — it’s refreshing, and feels decidedly indulgent.

Loaded with seaweed for firming, aloe vera for soothing, and Vitamin E for a quick detox, the facial mask uses Vitamin C to target dull skin, while Vitamin B5 helps hydrate. Once your two minutes are up your skin looks glowing and refreshed, and you’re good to go.

I was genuinely impressed with how bright my complexion looked, and how smooth and refreshed my skin looked and felt.

Pick it up direct from m-61, $50.

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