I’m always on the lookout for a place to kick back and relax when I travel, since I’m usually running around trying to see everything I possibly can. Le Fumoir fits the bill perfectly.

With a look that’s 50’s gentleman’s country club meets contemporary chic, Le Fumoir is the perfect place to check your iPhone while pretending you’re in a Hemingway short story. The main room is a large, open area anchored by overstuffed chairs at the windows. Yellow curtains give the place an ambery, diffused glow when the sun is shining, and is quite atmospheric. The back room is lined with bookshelves, and would be a great place for a study session. Located just across the street from the Louvre, Le Fumoir couldn’t be in a better location. The place is quite large, and while I didn’t have a problem finding a seat during the afternoon, the place was packed at night when we stopped by later, and I’d recommend making reservations for evening plans.

I ordered a jasmine tea, and expected a nice cup to arrive. However, it came in it’s own tea kettle, which worked out to at least three good size cups of tea, and was served with a couple biscuits and all the honey I could’ve wanted. Total cost? 4.50€. Considering I’ve unhappily paid the same in Montmatre for a tea bag and lukewarm water, Le Fumoir is gold for me.

I should also say the menu is rather varied — there are fruit juices for around 6.50€ and cocktails between 10€ and 12€ — and there’s a full restaurant menu available. There’s a brunch deal for 22€, and dinner menu for 35€. It seemed like there was something on the menu for everyone, including some vegetarian options. I wasn’t able to eat here I when I visited, but from what I saw, everything looked delicious and arrived in ample portions.

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