Working in the beauty industry, I’ve come to really appreciate good skincare. You can really see the difference a good regime makes, not only in person but also up close in video. The camera is unforgiving, so that should be your motivation. It’s the same thing with your smile.

I was a little overdue for my latest dental cleaning, mostly because I moved to NYC and was completely overwhelmed with the number of dentists, as well as the price. This freelancer doesn’t want to spend a fortune just polish up them choppers. Which is where Lavaan Dental Spa comes in.

The thing that got me in the door is the simplicity of what they do, and the amazing price points. Lavaan only does cleanings and whitenings, which means they’re great at what they do, and that specialization allows them to keep prices super reasonable. Cleanings are $89, and they have an Express Whitening that’s $295, which is a great price for a Zoom Whitening. They also have a 4 cleaning package that’s a great deal, and brings the cost per cleaning down to about $75. It also gives you 10% off of whitening services.

The space itself really does feel like a spa, with a clean, simple set up. Good music on the sound system and a thoughtfully curated selection of products — including Marvis Toothpaste — make this seem like a logical stop before or after getting a facial or manicure.

As for the actual service, I was greeted by owner Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport himself, and he was super charming and friendly. He had he fill out a few forms, gave my teeth a quick checkover to make sure everything was good to go, and then handed me over to Allison Olear for the cleaning.

Now, my last dental hygienist used to always ask me what position I played on the football team, what other sports I played, and if I knew her niece, a cheerleader. I did theater. Clearly I was always enthused to spend some time chit chatting with her. Allison, on the other hand, was super funny and charming, so I have to give her a shout out.

In sum, I set my 3 month follow up appointment before I had even left. If that’s not a stamp of approval, well, I’ll just have to bite my tongue with my newly polished choppers.

For more information, check out their web site:

I got a heads up to this place via a tweet from Dan Chiz, of, so head here to check out his review on their whitening process.

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