So this one time I was at a party talking to a model. You know, not intimidating at all. Somehow the conversation of skincare came up, and he insisted that the only thing he used, and swore by, was argan oil. Well, quicker than you can say Google I began my search for an affordable, yet high quality argan oil.

Argan oil has had a serious moment in the beauty and grooming industry for a little bit now, but it’s all with due reason. Made from the oil of the nut of the argan tree in Morocco, this is a plant that is adapted to the harsh conditions of the desert. Which translates into superior moisture properties for you and your face. This is an oil with the highest Vitamin E concentration, and as such, helps fight dehydration, oxidation, and wrinkles. Argan oil also helps repair imperfections like scars and stretch marks, while also evening out texture and giving your skin a bit of extra bounce. Quite a lot from a little oil!

Kae argan oil is based in Essaouira, and the oil is produced by a cooperative of women, which is pretty great because it helps enrich the community by growing local business. Kae argan oil is cold pressed using strict quality control, with by an organic certification.

But you can get all of that information on their web site, so lets discuss results.

I bought mine on Amazon, and it arrived in a nice container, small enough to be tucked away into the medicine cabinet, and easy to use. I hate when body oils are just a mess to use, since they can get everywhere rather easily if they’re not properly dispensed. This press-top container dispenses just the right amount, right to your fingertips. Take those fingers for a little walk along your face, gently massaging the oil into your skin, and that’s basically it.

This oil is a little bit thicker, so it’s definitely more of a winter treatment. I don’t mind the smell, but it’s pretty much a straightforward oil smell. Not like gasoline, more along the lines of olive oil — very natural, and to the point. No extra fragrances to mess with, and the scent dissipates pretty quickly.

I used the oil for a few weeks straight this past winter and thought my skin was pretty well maintained and glowing. It gives you a bit of a dewy finish, so if that’s your thing, perfect. I prefer more of a matte look, so I switched to a cream.

All in all, high quality product, at a very affordable price point.

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