This tiny little juice bar — well, it’s more of a shack, let’s be honest — is one of my favorite gems in the city. When I’m walking back to the subway from the gym I make for this place with my blinders on and my feet aflutter.

The menu can be pretty overwhelming — the literally have any and every fruit and veggie you might want, and they can combine them all in endless ways.

When I first started coming here I went straight for the coconut pineapple smoothie loaded up with a scoop of protein powder. It’s literally a piña colada, but this is actually good for you.

As I progressed into the doldrums of winter I migrated to the Veggies Mix, which is a cup of nutrition warfare, with all of your green veggies, plus beets, carrot, lemon, and ginger. Without a doubt this kept me in tip top health through the grossness, and it’s actually quite delicious. And that’s coming from someone who really hates the taste of beets. My tip is to get extra ginger for an extra spicy boost that really pulls the flavors together.

I love this place because it’s down to earth and approachable. The guys who work here are super friendly and nice, and they make a mean juice. Be sure to tip, and they’ll take care of you whenever you stop by.

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