I’m at my desk on Sunday nigh writing, and the truth is this weekend was simply perfect. Nothing extraordinary happened,  but it was perfect ordinary summer events that made it so lovely: drinks with friends, a last minute invite to a bbq, and an evening spent on the terrace with the best banana pudding. The weather was sublime, and I spent most of today relaxing at home, with the windows wide open and the breeze blowing in through the curtains. I made a comment that the light was sublime and a friend just laughed at me, but so it goes — I was like a cat, watching the light dance across my apartment. And after a rather stressful week of project deliveries, emails, and lots of writing, being able to entirely disconnect this weekend was both necessary and a pleasantry to sink into with delight.



One of my favorite parts of summer dressing are layers, which people don’t always think of when they’re getting ready for the summer. But t-shirts in the day are so much cozier when paired with an oversized button up, the perfect thing to toss on when the sun goes down and the stars come onto the stage. Instead of going for the usual hoodie, I went with a contrasting pattern that’s still rather summery, but does the “table cloth” motif in a more monochromatic tone-on-tone way that seems a bit more collected and put together.



I’ve had this striped t-shirt for years and it’s languished at the back of my closet for far too long. I got this when I was visiting Florence with my Mom, and it’s equal parts fashion and memories — which is why I usually skip the tacky tchotchkes when I’m traveling and instead go for timeless pieces of clothing that I’ll be sure to wear over and over.



The espadrilles are some of my favorites when it comes to summer style, and these are from Tom’s. I love the stripes, which make it a bit bolder, although I prefer Toms in velvet, since they’re way more comfy and don’t require breaking in. Just saying.

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker

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