Sometimes all it takes is a change of perspective. While I love the Isabel Marant x H&M jeans, when I purchased them I wasn’t quite sure how I would wear them. They seem like they could get pigeonholed quite easily, and I think people might sometimes be apprehensive on purchasing more “stand out” items because they’re not sure they’ll get the mileage out of them that they want or need.


After wearing the Parisian version of the jeans, I decided to take things a little closer to home, and wore them with a tank top. Oh hey. I decided to keep the look monochromatic, as one tends to do in NYC, and I played with the idea of the bold black and white graphics, going with a bit of  Americana with a varsity inspired printed tank top.


My shoes are usually where I wear the most color, and here I went with my trusty Nike Dunks in a highlighter yellow color. The perfect pop of contrast, and super comfortable, to boot.



Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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