I’m a fan of finding new places the old-fashioned way — wandering by, taking a look at the menu, and then wandering in. The other day my friend and I were supposed to go to another place that was overcrowded when we showed up. Not in the mood for that, we decided to take a walk around the block, and were happy to find Hundred Acres, in New York’s SoHo neighborhood.

We were looking for something a little more low key, and Hundred Acres fit the bill perfectly. Dim lighting, a wall of windows open to the summer breeze, a quiet but lively scene, and a rather amazing menu. There’s nothing more soothing in NYC than the soft flicker of candlelight to serve as a friendly remedy for the endless glare of headlights and neon in the Big Apple.


Our original intentions were just to meet up and grab a drink. There’s a little bit of everything on the menu, and of the two I ordered, my favorite was the “raised in wood,” which is rum with muddled lime and strawberries. Think mojito, but replace the sweet with a kick, and the mint with a fresh taste of New England summer.

My friend and I were a bit longwinded, so we ended up staying later than originally intended. Drinks turned to snacks, and we reached for the menu, ordering a sampling of everything. The grilled flatbread with tomato, basil, a bit of cheese, and baby arugula was wildly delicious, and not at all heavy — perfect for a summer snack. We paired it with an order of the house made pickles, and an order of the the crab and shrimp hushpuppies, which were light and perfectly portioned for two to share.

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