I know, I know, everyone and their mother has a polo in their closet. And I’m sure you’re thinking “Um, it’s not that difficult to wear, thanks.” But I feel like it’s still something we need to discuss. Because, really.


The key here, as with everything, is fit. There are a whole lot of polos out there that are basically duvet covers with armholes. And that’s a no go. Polos should be slim and trim. No ifs, ands, or bulges about it. I love this one — from American Eagle — because it hits right at the waist, is very slim and trim to the torso, and the sleeves hit at a great point on the bicep. I’m definitely not ripped, but this bad boy makes me look like it. A lot of polos out there have arms that go down to the elbows and are super baggy, which in turn makes you look scrawny and unpolished. Avoid those.

A polo is the perfect piece to make you look comfortably put together and professional, while still allowing for a casual je ne sais quoi, in the form of a mussed-with collar. If the fit is perfect, then you really don’t need anything else — you’re good to go.


Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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