When I’m researching hotels there are a few things I look for. Location, price, and style. Is the place going to help my enjoy the city, or will I have to trek to faraway places to get back home? Am I going to bankrupt myself while staying here? And is the style on point — because who wants to stay somewhere uninspiring?

Hotel Pulitzer in Paris ticks all of the right boxes, and was a delightful part of my stay in the City of Lights.

Pulitzer Paris is located in Paris’s 9th district and is a 12-minute walk from Opera Garnier. Pulitzer is a 2-minute walk from Grands Boulevards Metro (lines 8 and 9) and Le Peletier Metro (line 7). It is also possible to walk to local sights such as the Musée du Louvre (20 mins), or to the Haute Marais in the 3rd, which is what I did quite often.

The neighborhood is very Parisian, in that businessy kind of way. Located on a side street, the main road nearby offers an array of restuarants and terraces, and the plethora of dining options was delightful.

The rooms were simply furnished, but done so in a stylish way. I’m not into fussy when I travel, and the clean lines and simplicity of the rooms provided a calming touch on an otherwise hectic trip. The bathrooms are sleek and contemporary, and the showers were some of the nicest I’ve had while traveling. Although on the smaller side of things in general, the room was the perfect amount of space for two people to share. I was traveling with a friend, and the rooms were large enough for the both of us, and our luggage.

Typically I’m not one to lounge in the hotel — I’d rather be off exploring somewhere new — but the lobby bar and lounge was delightful. Comfortable seating, perfect lighting, and a very laid back atmosphere made this a great spot to hunker down after a day running around, or for gathering oneself before heading out at night.

Photos courtesy of the hotel

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