Hotel Duo

I’ve always believed where you stay plays a critical role in how you perceive a place. Would a movie be the same if the setting was changed? Most definitely — it’s the same when you travel. On my recent trip to Paris I was lucky enough to stay at the Hotel Duo, located in the Marais right in the middle of things on Rue Du Temple.

This is a small boutique property and the experience was divine from start to finish.

I arrived slightly dazed from my early morning flight, and while my room wasn’t ready, they offered to put me in a different room, but I was staying with a friend and we wanted a room with two beds, so I declined. No worries — I was able to drop of my bags, and they kept things safe while I wandered the city.

As I made a few trips to my luggage while I waited for my room to be made up, I chatted with one of the concierge about what things were like, and he assured me they’re used to the comings and goings of the fashion week season.

Why is this place so popular with that crowd? Well, it’s pretty easy to see.

The lobby looks more like a posh lounge — the door is on the corner of two streets, and the entire lobby features windows. Lots of light, but not too much, fills the space. I was welcomed warmly as soon as I entered, which is always a nice touch. Definitely didn’t have to lurk about while waiting for someone to show up. There’s lots of comfortable seating here, and the lobby looks more like a posh lounge. Also, like I said my room wasn’t ready, but I was able to grab a comfortable seat next to a power outlet and charge my phone — while enjoying the free wifi.

The rooms are modern and tastefully appointed — you won’t find frou frou here, but you will be treated to modern Parisian style. The lighting was soft and there was plenty of storage — exactly what you need when you’re traveling. The bathroom was a bit awkward, as the toilet was in a separate room all by its lonesome, although the set up did work just fine for the two of us. The room had windows overlooking downstairs courtyard bar, and while we did hear some people down there one evening, it wasn’t in the slightest a disturbance. Just life — and it wasn’t late night. Moreover, the courtyard windows let plenty of extra light into the room, which was lovely in the afternoon.

Located in the Marais, the hotel is surrounded by cafes and restaurants. This is the neighborhood to sit out on the terrace and enjoy the people watching as people saunter by. Whether you’re looking for just drinks or dinner, there really is something for every taste. Also nearby is plenty of shopping, whether it’s department stores or tiny boutiques.

Photos courtesy hotel

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