I’m all about a good rooftop bar — part of Manhattan’s charm are the iconic skyscrapers, and there’s no feeling quite like being perched up in the sky, especially in the summertime.

One of my favorite rooftops is at the Hotel Americano, right in the heart of Chelsea. I’ve written about the restaurant in the hotel, so be sure to read about that here.

As for the rooftop, take the glass enclosed elevator upstairs and try not to gasp in delight as the doors open, revealing a bit of a rooftop wonderland. The space features clean lines and endless views in every direction.

The space is broken up into two distinct areas, and it’s more of a dining area when tou arrive, with a bar to the left and stairs at the back. You’re free to grab a drink at the bar, as my friend and I did, and stand in the space, taking in the views, or Taking the stairs up just a few steps brings you to the pool, a small area that looks more like it would be in Los Angeles.

My friend and I grabbed a bean bag chair here next to the water, and we enjoyed our perch, somewhat in the middle of all the action. Overall, I love this space because it feels a bit like a party scene from a 1950’s Fellini film, and I don’t feel like there’s enough of that these days.

The drinks menu is varied, and while we ordered at the bar when we first arrived, if you’re at a table or by the pool a waitress will come around to help you out.

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