I’ve discussed toning sprays before, and it’s clear that I’m a big fan. I know I say it all the time, but I think they’re super easy, and let’s be honest, the less muss and fuss, the better.

First up, I love how the Herbivore Botanicals Facial Toning Elixir smells. I wasn’t sure how the geranium would play out, but it gives a nice earthy, green scent, and the lavender is bright and gives it touch of fresh and clean.

Loaded with witch hazel, purified water, aloe vera and vegetable glycerine, this is a simple concoction that delivers some of my favorite all-natural ingredients. Witch hazel is a renowned antibacterial and cleansing agent that really gets into your pours to pull out all of the yuck and gunk. Just like magic! (See what I did there?…too much?) Aloe vera helps sooth your skin, and the glycerine will gently cleanse while also helping to leave your skin smooth and gentle.

You can use this a couple of ways. My preferred way is to just spritz my face and let it soak in — you can also use your hands to gently pat it into the skin. Quick, easy.

If your skin is more oily, or you’ve really been out in the dirty world, you can also spray cotton swabs or cotton balls — really get them a nice soaking — and then gently swab over your face as you would any other liquid toner.

Used in the morning and in the evening, this is a refreshing blast to conclude your grooming regime.

Special thanks to Herbivore Botanicals for sending over a sample to review.

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