As a resident of Midtown I think it’s ok if I call out the neighborhood on its lack of cool places to eat. That’s just not really Midtown. While there are some really good food options, I wouldn’t say the majority also deliver on atmosphere. Which is why I was quite excited when I saw Hendriks open up on 37th and 3rd, smack in the middle of Midtown slash Murray Hill.

I recently went here for lunch with a friend, and I went with the crab cake sandwich, which was served on an english muffin and came with a small side salad. It was actually one of the best things I’ve ever had, and I’m not even really a sea food person. The sauce was just savory enough while not being overpowering, and the size was great. I started the meal with an order of their “chickpea fritters” — otherwise known as falafel — and it came with a delightful yogurt, cucumber, basil sauce.

I always think it’s a plus when the menu makes it easy to decide, and the menu at Hendriks is perfect. A variety of options, but not too many it’s a chore to sort through.

The restaurant is a nice blend of materials, and looks more like it would be in the West Village or Williamsburg. Lots of natural texture, wood finishes, and nice lighting. The bar is huge and topped in white marble, which adds a touch of giltz to the space.

Overall service was quick and friendly, the space was beautiful, and the food was kind of perfect. Looking forward to making this spot a new regular, as it’s right around the corner, and a much welcome addition to the neighborhood.

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