Grunge for Spring? Groundbreaking.

In New York it seems like Spring is never going to arrive. The skies have been cloudy and gray, and while I was writing this it was about 30 degrees. But it’s April, and Spring should be here, but it seems like it’s simply not. Getting ready I find myself instinctively reaching towards t-shirts and tank tops, but the sad reality is I need something warmer.


While black has always been my wardrobe staple, I find myself wearing more grey these days. It’s a softer counterpart, and I suppose it’s my take on pastels. And only in New York would grey be considered a “pastel.”



But the light has started to change; days are slowly but surely getting longer; and the temperature has slowly started to rise. So I’m taking off the fur lined flannel, and adding a pair of sunglasses. I love these because the shape is a little something different, and the grey tortoiseshell pattern is a classic that’s still modern. And I bought these for about $9 from H&M.


I rarely wear anything other than jeans these days, and these are a trusty pair of Levi’s 510s. Super slim cut with just a bit of give, they’re perfect for running around the city while still looking put together. My friend is a designer at the shoe company, and he sent over a pair of these retro Roos, which I love and have been wearing them nonstop. There’s also a secret pocket under the “Roos” side flap, which I think is just hilarious and also quite utilitarian. Looking forward to wearing these to the beach soon.


Photos by Falcon Griffith – @_falconcara_
Jeff Smith

Jeff started in photography and short format video, and he's been at the forefront of the web tv movement. He’s worked on haute couture shoots in Paris, shot street style in Milan, and is currently developing a steady roster of beauty, fashion, and digital clients in NYC.

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