New York City swelters in the summer heat, so there’s no other option than taking refuge in the skies. It’s all about a good rooftop perch in the city, and one of my favorites is Gallow Green, in Chelsea.

As the rooftop bar for SleepNoMore, the illustrious interactive theater experience, Gallow Green continues with the trend of beautiful sets and evocative atmosphere. There’s a decidedly speakesy, retro vibe here, and I love that there’s always a live band playing. It’s so totally different from the usual spots in NYC, and yet it feels perfectly comfortable and familiar at the same time.

I love this place because it feels like a secret garden. It’s incredibly lush and well appointed, and as you move through the space you feel like you’re exploring your own private terrace.

The cocktails and food are all amazing, as you can see above. I was here for the 4th of July, and I have to say the selection was insanity — fried chicken and all the fixings! Their normal menu has a little bit of everything, and the meat platter with peaches is my favorite.

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