I was once lucky enough to travel to Capri just as summer was beginning. There was a lush, heavy heat that lingered like a warm embrace, and the blooming wisteria hung over anything and everything, a fog of lilac beauty that turned the island into a place of fairytale. Walking through the streets, feet moving over cobblestones smoothed down over hundreds of years, there was the scent of lemon, warm, rich and bright, it was citrusy, welcoming, having long been warmed by the hot sun. The air was as intoxicating as limoncello, the bold liqueur so proudly made in the Amalfi region of Italy, and it made me never want to leave the island.

And that is exactly what Fresh’s Citron de Vigne Eau de Parfum smells like.

I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest, when I first got the sample in a package of goodie from a beauty editor friend. “Hmm, this could be interesting!” I thought to myself as I took off the cap.

One spray later and I was positively hooked.

Winter has become an unending nightmare in the city — seriously, I’m pale and have cabin fever like woah — and this little bottle of perfume has become life changing. It’s a trip to Italy in a bottle.

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