Formaggio is one of those places from the movies. You know what I mean — one of those places that the protagonist goes to, and you’re like, “Wait, that kind of place doesn’t actually exist. It’s too charming, too perfect.” But Formaggio does, right in Boston’s South End neighborhood.

You all know I’m kind of a foodie, but I don’t consider myself a snob about it. I mean, those who are uptight about their food generally aren’t the most fun to be around, now are they? Which is why I love Formaggio — for as great and impressive as their selection is, and as knowledgeable about their product as all of the staff are, they’re super down to earth and friendly about it. They even have regular tastings, so, like, hi.

When I was living in the South End, Formaggio was a place I would go to to pick up something special. Friend’s birthday? This is the place I would stop in here to grab a perfect bottle of wine. And maybe a bit of cheese, as the place is called “formaggio,” after all.

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