Everything that’s old is one day new again, and the grungy flannel looks of my childhood have been back with a vengeance these days. I was never really that grungy skater kid, so I never embraced the trend and I’m not fully sure I ever will, but I can pull a thing or two from the trend.


I’ve always been a black t-shirt and jeans kind of guy. The fit of the jeans has changed a bit over the years, and I’ve swapped out my v necks for scoop necks, to show just a bit more collarbone. How scandalous! I’m wearing a tank top underneath because it was just a bit too cold when we were shooting, but so it goes.

Taking a trusty flannel and tying it around the waist adds a bit of extra something, and I’m kind of into the look. I may have told you how to wear a polo, but I think this look really doesn’t need an explanation. My only tip is to avoid adding extra bulk, and to not look homeless, keep the rest of your look streamlined and tailored. Here the shirt is fitted and a bit more polished than a normal t shirt, which balances out the any possibility of sloppiness from the flannel.

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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