So when I first started my journey on the road of fitness, I booked myself a trainer over at David Barton in Astor Place — I found a coupon on, and the rest, as they say, is history. I had an amazing trainer who  taught me the foundations of everything I needed to know. The experience was invaluable and, to get all hokey pokey emotional, definitely life changing. Overall, I trained here for about 4 months. Not a super long time, but it was long enough to get me hooked.

Unfortunately, being the freelancer that I am, the bank account isn’t always flush with extra cash, and my schedule doesn’t always allow for the life of leisure, so I had to take a brief hiatus from the training circuit.

Luckily for me, I discovered Honestly, I really don’t remember how or when I found the site, but I’ve been following it for about six months now. It’s a relatively new company whose mission is to get people in the gym with personal trainers, without the huge price of a package deal, or the stress of trying to figure everything out right away. There are no mega sales pushes — of which I recently heard a horror story from a friend who was looking at at gym on the Upper East Side — and the whole situation is pay-as-you-go. Oh hey, oh hello, stress free.

The user interface of the site is super clean and simple. Enter your search criteria — pilates, yoga, training, etc — and you’ll be presented with a variety of gyms and trainers who specialize in that area. Not sure what you’re looking for? You can scroll through everyone, and get a feel for what’s out there. Super easy, intuitive, and I’m a total fan of the process.

For me, I’m big on the personality of my trainers — I’m not at all a #gymrat bro dawg, even though I’m clearly swole (kidding…), and I found that both of the trainers I worked out with were totally hilarious and great to be around. Huge plus for me. And the nice thing is that if you don’t necessarily jive with the trainer you’ve selected, you can always pick someone else as you move forward. Also, if you’re unhappy with your session, they offer a full refund, so that’s also pretty amazing.

I was lucky enough to score an unlimited training deal for $399 — best Christmas present ever — and so I tested out the service for an entire month. While I wish I had tried out other gyms, I didn’t have the time or energy to do so, because the trainer I went with had me feeling exhausted after our 4 workouts per week. Pretty insane, if you ask me!

But I digress — and you can read those posts, they’re on their way!

The company is great, and there’s definitely an aura of well wishing — the motivation behind the site is definitely to get people feeling (and looking!) great, and it’s an energy I really appreciate, especially in NYC where motivations aren’t always so green juice and kale salad, if you know what I mean.

There are always new gyms being added to the site, and you have hundreds of trainers right at your fingers to pick and choose from. Not sure where to start? I’m sure the team over at will help you out, just send them an e-mail.

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