It feels like we’re almost to winter already, the temperatures have dropped quite a bit in the last few days. We had another bit of beautiful weather and I couldn’t resist breaking out this shirt, since I realized I had it tucked away in my closet for the whole of the summer. Funny how we buy things we love and then promptly forget about them, huh?


Sometimes all you need is a little bit of sunshine to get you on your way, and that’s what this outfit was all about. The shirt is from American Apparel and has a great weight too it — it feels silky, yet there’s a heaviness that gives it great draping. This kind of thing is perfect in warmer weather when you want to stay cool, but look more put together. And when the temperatures drop, you can still incorporate it into your outfits since it’s not as floaty as a normal summer piece. Pair it with your favorite jeans — I’m all about my Levis — and you’re good to go.



The shoes are my beloved Nike Dunks, tar stained though they may be. I like yellow footwear because it always adds a shot of brightness to your outfit, but it’s still unassuming. It’s also perfect for cloudy days, since there’s a bit of brightness when you’re watching where you’re walking.

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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