The other day I was walking by Gramercy Park in New York City and I noticed something strange. From the corner of my eye I thought I saw someone throw a cigarette into the park, but when I looked over there was no one there, and no cigarette to be seen. And then I saw the flash again. It was a firefly.


Fireflies have always been a favorite part of summer for me. My extended family lives in rural Pennsylvania, so I always spend time in the countryside during the summers, where the fireflies dance through the skies every evening, their luminescence adding an otherworldly effect to fields of Queen Anne’s Lace and overgrown grasses.


This look is a bit of an urban take on the typical countryside outfit I’ll be wearing. Swap out the bright color for something either black and white, and I’ll be in sandals instead of sneakers.


As always, the sunglasses make the outfit for me. I love these from Arnette. They’re simple. Solid. Classic. When going with a wilder color, like this firefly dayglo, I always think it’s better to balance it out with something quieter, more classic.


Frayed texture is simple yet takes an otherwise standard look and gives it a bit more of finished look. Er. Unfinished? The individual quality of fray means no two pieces are alike, and it adds a roughness to a look to keep it from being too precious.



Oh hey, legs.

T Shirt from H&M / Flannel from Purple & Yellow / Levis Jorts / Adidas Sneakers

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker


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