Every season I seem to come across a new face cream and fall head over heels in love. I’ve found a few over the years that I always return to, like old flames, and I know the story will be the same once this summer fling with the Darphin Paris Vitalskin Energic Replumping Cream fades away (or, you know, when my product runs out).

This face cream is super hydrating and plumping, and I love that it isn’t heavy. In the summer the last thing I need is to be slathering on something that’s going to clog up my pores. The Darphin Paris Vitalskin Energic Replumping Cream absorbs quickly and gives my skin a really gorgeous almost matte finish that just looks refreshed and hydrated. I believe the industry term is “luminous,” and it’s delightful. I find that the texture of my skin and my complexion even out, and my skin has a bit of an airbrushed effect.

Best of all, when I do inevitably sweat, I don’t feel like this is running down my face. I’ve tried some moisturizers were as soon as the temperature rises it runs out of my pores, and it’s not enjoyable.

This is supposed to be used day and night, although I’ve been mostly using it in the morning. If I’m getting ready to go out at night, then I’ll use it, but I haven’t been doing a nightime routine with it. Am I still getting great results with it? Yes, yes I am.

I will say, I’ve been using mine for 4 months now and still have plenty, since you really only need one pump for the whole face. It might sound pricey (and ok, it kind of is) but the thing with quality is you really don’t need to use as much. And it’s your face – invest in it.

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