I’ve found when traveling it’s often the little moments, the almost insignificant ones, that I look back on with the most fondness and warmth. The quiet moments of life that we all generally take for granted, but are really what it’s all about at the end of the day.

One such moment is sharing a cup of tea with a good friend. How very English, no? I was in London this summer and got to stay with a friend from when I lived in Perugia, Italy. My dear friend Laura. Seemed like ages ago and a world away since I last saw her, it was over frequent cups of tea in London that we were able to get caught up on each other’s lives. I’ve seen her twice in the last two or three years, and yet, over a cup of tea, it’s like no time has passed.

So, I suppose the point of this post is just to remind you to take some quiet time while you’re traveling and really soak things in — sit back and just be. How very zen, no? And if you happen to be with someone’s whose mother makes delicious scones, then please have two for me, plus a bit of clotted cream.

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