Sometimes it’s the unlikeliest of combinations that produce the best results. Contrasting elements can create an unexpected harmony, one richer and more vibrant than what we might traditionally expect.


When I was pulling together ideas of what to wear, I was sort of in an odd place. I had just bought the shoes wanted to wear them, but all of my usual jeans were dirty, so I was on to black pants (which are also jeans and I’m in love with them). So that settled that.


The weather was miserable, as it usually is here in NYC the last few months, so that meant layers. I had a cranberry t shirt on  but that wasn’t enough so I added another layer in the same color. A long sleeve button up with a chambray feel in an unexpected color. Burgundy/oxblood was a trend on the runways, but it’s still kind of hard to find, even though I’ve been a fan for quite some time.


And I threw on a cardigan since it was still freezing outside, and I was good to go. This one is a “pure” acrylic, according to the labels, and is a vintage find that I’ve kept on hand because it is incredibly warm, and still looks somewhat polished.


The glasses were a surprise gift from a friend, and I’m genuinely obsessed with them. They’re the LeSpecs Cartwheel in a carbon finish, and I’ve always been a fan of oversized glasses, especially those with an Aviator style, but these are new to me, since they’re incredibly light and super thin. Possibly the most comfortable sunglasses I’ve worn.


The finishing detail is a Zara belt in an unsual shade of green, and while you can’t really see them, the entire thing is lined in silver studs. Unexpected, but it really was the finishing detail the look needed. While I’m all about minimalism, sometimes a little more is, in fact, more.

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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