Just the other day I was supposed to meet up with an editor friend who was in town for fashion week. We had decided on brunch, and were originally going to head to Hundred Acres, but when we arrived the place was packed and noisy and we decided to find somewhere else. On the walk over I had noticed Comodo, which looked tiny, charming, and, true to its name, very comfortable.

There were only two other people when we were there, so it gave the overall feeling of being in someone’s rustic chic summer home. The front windows were wide open, and the breeze outside filtered inside, as did the sunlight through light white curtains. Wooden tables were beautifully set with glassware, and the brick walls and soft music rounded out the rustic yet chic charm.

The menu is small, but in a perfect kind of way — while it was only a page, there was still a little bit of everything. As I said, this was the middle of fashion week, so for me it was one of those times when I really didn’t want to make another decision. The menu had just enough options for me to pick from, and I couldn’t have been happier with the brussels sprout salad with poached egg, served a bit of parmesan cheese. The brussel sprouts were sliced super fine, and while they had that roasted flavor I love, the way it was done was still super light. This is a perfect brunch option for when you’re not in the mood for sweet, but haven’t quite made it to the super heavy “lunch” side of things.

My friend ordered the quinoa meal, which is an oatmeal using quinoa instead of oats, and arrived with almond butter and strawberries. Sweet without being saccharine, it was a definite hit. My friend and I both ordered tea, and a big pot of loose-leaf Moroccan Mint green tea arrived. We let it steep for an extra minute, poured, and enjoyed. I usually forget to order tea with breakfast, but here it was the perfect choice, as it allowed us to linger just a bit longer after we had finished our food.

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