I’ve never thought luxury was all about a price tag. Oftentimes some of the best beauty products, for example, are relatively inexpensive. But what makes them little luxuries are the time they make you take for yourself — the way they make you feel. With clothing it’s a bit the same. I always get the most compliments on the simplest of clothes, and I’ve learned to show some restraint when wanting to make an impression because it comes down to the details.



The sweater is a classic favorite of mine — from H&M, of all places (ok, I know, basically my whole wardrobe is from there). What I love about this sweater is the simple shape, made a little more interesting by the wider scoop neck. The material is lightweight, which is perfect for summer nights and spring days, and the marled material means it toes the line of casual and presentable.




While my clothes are usually pretty dull in color — aside from my recent obsession with dayglo — my shoes have always been more likely to be some shade of red, blue, or yellow. Basic black kicks are only a recent habit of mine, more out of necessity in New York. Here standard boat shoes take on a new life with a bolder red color. Doing an unexpected twist on a classic shoe is a great way to take a chance and live a little. Even if your style is a bit more classic.


Sweater & Jeans / Sperry Boat Shoes c/o East Dane

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker

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