On Resetting

Too often people see things as either black or white: it should be this, it should be that. Me? I tend to exist in a world of greys, where possibilities blossom daily, and it’s a matter of

On Breathing In

The last few weeks have been absolutely insane, from photo shoots, to a fashion show, to coordinating warehouse logistics with my perfume line, all while adding in that everyday work life and my attempts at a

On Streaming In

Well here we are, and the first month of 2016 has officially closed. Much like the tides, daily life ebbs and flows. Sometimes things are chaotic and sometimes they’re calm, but lately things have been on

On Biding Time

Where does the time go these days? Another week has come and gone, and I’m still adjusting to my new office job. Getting used to processes, systems, and schedules — there’s always something to do

On Where We Are

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my time in New York. The city is often portrayed as a magical place where your dreams come true, but the reality is a bit grittier. I do believe you

Stepping into 2016

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.  Overall, 2015 was the highest highs and the lowest lows. I spent 3 weeks exploring Paris, Copenhagen, Rome, Athens, and the Greek Isles. Hello


The weather has shifted and we’re now firmly in fall, but I’m headed to Greece for the very first time, and it felt appropriate to have a bit of a throwback moment to warmer days.


These days it seems like roadblocks are the norm. New York makes you work, work, work for whatever it is you want. Even the little things, at times, seem to take an enormous amount of effort.

Snuggling Into The Season

Most people think of September as “back to school,” and it’s when so many of us instinctually head back to the stores to buy clothes for the new season. A new jacket, a new pair

Texture & Textile

When the city swelters in the hot summer months I have no mind for fashion or style. Give me a tank top and a simple pair of shorts and I’m good to go. It’s simply

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