Giolitti: The Best Gelato in Italy

I lived in Italy on and off for about two years, maybe a little more. I lived in the north along the coast, I was nestled in the Tuscan and Umbrian hills, and I spent

Tre Scalini in Rome

Rome in June is a favorite time of mine — the city isn’t too crowded just yet, and the weather is glorious. I was in town when the mercury had started to rise and things

Caffe Florian

Venice is expensive, but sometimes it’s just nice to indulge in your surroundings. The perfect place for such extravagance is Caffe Florian, Italy’s oldest cafe, having opened in La Serenissima in 1720. Located right on

Caffe della Pace

Just a few steps away from Piazza Navona in Rome, Caffe Della Pace is one of my absolute favorite places in the Eternal City. Located on a corner, the cafe spills out into the cobblestone

Grand Hotel Timeo

I always love wandering into those fancy hotels that, well, frankly I can’t afford to stay at — but that doesn’t mean I can’t afford to grab a drink and soak in the over-the-top atmosphere.

Harry’s Bar

Harry’s Bar is famous for the legendary list of literati — Ernest Hemmingway and Truman Capote, for example — who’ve frequented the tiny space. Tucked down an alley just around the corner from Piazza San


Never before have I fallen in love with a pizza crust, but my heart was indeed left at Baldovino in Florence. Thin, chewy, and bursting with lush flavors of rosemary and salt, the pizza crust

Sette Secoli

I came across this place one night with friends while I was living in Florence. Unfortunately, I never found it again until I was leaving the city, several months later. To say the least, it

Museo di Storia Naturale di Firenze

Florence is a beautiful city, known for its Renaissance art and graceful architecture. Unfortunately, it seems everyone in the world knows this, and the city is practically swimming with tourists year round. If you’re looking

Gianfranco Mello

The studio of Gianfranco Mello, on Borgo Pinto in Florence, is a soaring space that allows you to get up close and personal with the works of the artist. Landscapes of Florence and Tuscany, portraits,

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