I feel like climbing things is an inherently toursity thing to do. What is it about flying halfway around the world that makes us want to scale the tallest tower and take stock of things?


My first night in Copenhagen was spent wandering the city. I had a list of places to see and restaurants to visit, but when I’m traveling and fresh off the plane the last thing I want

Big Apple

My friend and I were wandering around Copenhagen playing typical tourists as we took in the city’s landmarks. The Little Mermaid Statue? Check. Nyhavn, the charming old harbor? You know it. In between a list

Paludan Bogcafé

When I was little I was either lost in my own imagination, or in the pages of a book. I still love slipping away into another world, page by page. As I’ve gotten older my love

Hotel SP34

I don’t get to travel quite as much as I would like these days, so when I get the chance to pack a bag and make my escape from New York, I’m always looking for