I like simple style. All suited and booted really isn’t me, and I’m a firm believer in understated luxury. For me luxe is about quality of materials, the feel of fabric, draping, fit, and, of course, how it makes you feel. It’s more of a textural thing for me.


I first found this sweater when I was living in Hollywood. It’s super soft, and basically feels like a hug when you put it on. I love the way it fits, slightly slouchy with a loose yet body skimming silhouette.

I scored mine at Urban Outfitters, but as we’re easing into the fall and winter seasons, there are plenty of options out there. To get a similar look get a simple crew neck cut, and try to keep it as simple as possible. Normally I’m not a fan of white because it gets dirty so easily — shout out to the mustard stain on my cuff — but here the subtle black, white, and grey fibers make for an understated bit of texture.


This sweater was a $4 find at Urban Outfitters. I couldn’t bring myself to make a purchase when it was full price and I was living in LA — a $40 sweater in SoCal summer heat just doesn’t seem like a sensible purchase. But when I flew back to Boston and went for a look in the Bargain Basement, it seemed like destiny had followed me home.


I’ve paired mine with my favorite pair of Levis 510s and a pair of highlighter yellow Nike Dunks. And that black schmutz on the side? That’s tar. I was stuck on a hot rooftop in the East Village listening to an actress talk at me about her headshots for 45 minutes while my friend chatted up a love interest. The things you do for friends, huh?

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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