Blockheads is a bit of an institution in the city of New York. And by institution, I mean I’m here every week, usually multiple times, in one of their many locations.

I wouldn’t describe the food at Blockheads as authentic, hacienda style Mexican cuisine, but I would say it is inexpensive and utterly delicious. The menu is simple but has a good selection, and the main draw are the burritos. My usual burrito set up is a steamed flour tortilla with Spanish rice, pinto beans, cheese, jerk sauce, salsa, and the steak chimichuri. Sometimes I’ll add guacamole to that, if I’m feeling adventurous. The portions are insanely huge, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on your plans, and if you’re feeling intimidated by the scale you can always get a mini burrito, which is served with a small side salad. The house dressing is simple and delicious, and is flavorful while still being subtle.

The main draw, however, are definitely the margaritas. Potent and delicious, these are a pick-me-up as good as any. I had a friend in town from London and he became obsessed with the place, saying he’s never had margaritas that were that good. Sounds about right.


There’s a Mexican Bulldog, which is a frozen margarita with a small Corona beer (a coronita) inverted into it, topped off with a shot of tequila. Two of these and you won’t know up from down, so just keep that in mind when you’re ordering.

My go-to is the coconut margarita, which is a bit sweeter although not crazily so, and tastes something like a cross between a pina colada and a margarita. I think it’s a different flavor, and it’s goes with everything.

There are multiple locations throughout the city, and I think my favorite is the Midtown East location on 2nd Avenue between 50/51. There’s a small, hidden courtyard in the back that I think is tons of fun, and I think the food is the best at this location.

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