Beacon Hill. Ahhhh, old money. And college students.

Situated in downtown Boston, the neighborhood is an intersection of families, students, tourists, and medical staffers from the Mass General hospital. Packed with charm, Beacon Hill is mainly residential – lots of treelined, one way streets, perfect for strolling. Also great for seeing how The Other Half lives, open windows offering a glimpse into the plush brownstones that fill the neighborhood. In the non-mansion realm, the area apartments are full of quirky charm, sloping floors and crooked stairs, with prices on the upward scale, though can you really put a pricetag on charm?

Fancy boutiques line Charles Street, the main thoroughfare, but there are still great deals to be had. Brunch at Paramount isn’t too badly priced for the city, and you definitely get what you pay for – top notch and delicious food. Likewise, Savenor’s, a little grocery store at the end of Charles is your place if you’re looking for iguana or rattlesnake meat, or, you know, decently priced and top quality pork chops. And just across the street is Charles Street Liquors – some of the best prices in Boston, and with the widest selection I’ve seen anywhere. And a discount rack to browse through, too! Getting around is easy with the Red Line MGH stop, or a short walk through the Public Gardens to the Green Line Arlington stop.

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