My hair is pretty picky in what it does and does not like. Too much product and I’m left with a grease pit, while not enough product and I look like a newly born chicken. And sadly poofy hair isn’t quite as cute.

For the days when I don’t feel like doing anything too intensive, I’ve found that the American Crew Alternator is a great option.

A spray, this product is super easy to use, and the polymers that form the backbone of this product give a strong but flexible hold, meaning the effect is sturdy, but relaxed and casual.

One, two, three spritzes are all that my hair needs when it’s shorter, which is great. I apply to damp hair and then use a hair dryer, and the effect is natural looking, but still maintained and well-groomed. If you need more, feel free to reapply as necessary.

This post is part of my coverage as an American Crew Brand Ambassador. Products are courtesy of the brand, but opinions are my own.

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