Honestly, I tend to forget to moisturize until I really need it. Like when I’m sunburned and need some loving, or when it’s arctic outside and my hands just can’t take it anymore. In those cases, it’s time for a major treatment, and I tend to turn to the Ahava Softening Butter Salt Scrub.

This looks a bit like lumpy, creamed coconut, but it’s actually a mix of natural oils, anti-aging Dunaliella seaweed, sugar, and Dead Sea salts, which all combine together to create a really rich and indulgent experience. The bit of sugar and salts offer just enough exfoliating action, without being too harsh or abrasive.

This one needs to be melted in your hands a little bit, so take a bit and soften it up and then massage it into your skin. The oils are really, super moisturizing, and you’ll immediately notice a difference. Likewise, you’ll notice the smell, which is spa-like and relaxing, without being floral or too strong.

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