Now that the seasons are finally shifting into warmer weather — though not really in New York City, where things are forever grey and dreary — we need to talk about sloughing off all of that dead winter skin. Because let’s be honest, most of you were not taking care of things while you were wrapped up in sweaters and sweats. Which is cool, I get it, but let’s move it along and deal with the situation.

Ahava has loaded this body exfoliator with an exclusive blend of Dead Sea minerals infused with Moroccan Argan shell, Date Kernel, and brown sugar granules. Which sounds delicious, and it is — for your skin. No snacking in the shower, please.

I really like this because it smells great, very refreshing, with almost a lime scent to it. I used this throughout the winter and my skin felt great, and also looked polished. Apply in a circular motion to wet skin, and take the time to really hit those usual hard spots — the elbows, heels, and knees. Because it’s all in the details.

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