My wardrobe is either black and taupe-grey, or it’s electric. There isn’t much middle room in there, it seems. Though these days I’m embracing the brighter colors more and more, and pulling out old favorites like this flannel that I’ve had forever.



Purchased originally for a Christmas party, I’ve kept this flannel around for the brighter days, too. I love the pattern — the size and scale are perfect, as the the bright pattern and bold black accents keep the shirt from being overpowering. Even if it does have sort of an MSDOS, early-days-of-the-Internet vibe going on.


Paired with a matching tank top and my favorite black skinny jeans, the look is bold and graphic, yet still put together, even if if the elements are all rather casual. It comes down to fit and form when making or breaking a look, and I find that you really can’t go wrong with a good pair of well-fitted black pants.


I don’t wear these as often as I probably should, but they are rather loud. But sometimes the occasion just calls for a good pop of color, and I’m all about these super textural Supras in an electric, fire engine red. They have a bit of that 80s vibe going, and I love the play of different textures. The embossed snakeskin is something different for me, and the play between the suede and the leathers is pretty cool, if you ask me.


H&M Flannel / Hanes Tank Top / H&M Jeans / Supra Shoes

Photos courtesy Kristin Booker

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