Ugh, Monday. 9am. Well, let’s be honest — I got there at 9:15 because I was dragging. The subway is literally the worst and I don’t know how people do that commute on the daily. Definitely one of the perks of a freelance lifestyle is the ability to not have a commute.

But anyway. Today’s work out was definitely work. Inexplicably tired, today was more of a focus in getting through the sets. Focusing on the number of reps, and the individual movements. Each one done is one less to do.

Working out is a commitment in more ways than one, and part of the thing I like about having (paid for) a trainer is the mental commitment that is built in. I paid for someone’s time, so I need to get in there no matter way, no matter how tired.

It’s been about two weeks of working out, not every day but getting there. And I have to say, getting over the first week hump is a challenge. Once you’re there, though, your body realizes this is a new habit and it stops resisting. Less “I don’t want to gooooo” and more “Let’s go! Huah!”

I felt like I’ve made some real mind-body connection progress, and felt more stabilized in my chest press than ever before. My focus has been chest and back, so it’s really encouraging to feel like I’m already seeing some kind of progress. Baby steps. I don’t have Hercules pecs, but I do feel like I’m on my way.

We did a hanging leg press I was swaying a lot, but again, felt like everything was connecting as it should be. I’m learning that it’s all about stabilizing — using every single muscle when you’re doing a workout not only makes you stronger, but it’s a more effective workout.

Photo courtesy Kristin Booker for Giafrese

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