Just off Portobello Road, there are few places I’ve ever been that are like 202, as it combines fashion, retail, and modern dining, in a spacious, inspiring space. If Ab Fab were done up by hipsters, this might be the result. I was exploring the Notting Hill neighborhood with my dear friend Laura, a very chic London native, and this was one of her secret spots to check out, so you know it’s going to be good.

We popped in for some tea and snacks, and it was everything I imagine when I think of the posh London scene. There was a garden at the back of the space, visible through high windows that flooded the space with light. High ceilings were grounded by cafe tables, the whole space anchored by a large bar set off to the side.

When we arrived here we had been walking and exploring for several hours and were in need of tea and relaxation. Both were served with a smile, and we settled in for a minute or two to just gather ourselves. Sitting there gave way to people watching, a fun sport when the people are all dead chic and interesting looking.

Downstairs is a clothing store with offerings for the ladies, along with some artwork and accessories. The space is fun just to explore, and while there were no business cards to snag and the web site offers little, the fashion scene iciness shouldn’t put you off.

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