On my most recent trip to London I have to say, I fell in love with the city. After a few years of living in New York, London seemed more quaint and charming, and less overwhelming than I had remembered. The small, quiet places are my favorites, and London is positively brimming with them. In life first impressions are key, but final scenes are just as important, and I wanted a place that was perfect to close out my stay in London. Going for drinks at The Zetter Townhouse was simply the only choice.

A boutique hotel in London, The Zetter Hotel is an award winning shangri-la tucked away in Clerkenwell. A 13 bedroom Georgian townhouse, the Zetter also has a cocktail lounge, where I set up camp for my final night in London.

Accessed through a discreet entrance on St. John’s Square, I will admit my friend and I needed a minute to find the place. It’s almost hidden in plain sight and we ended up going through the restaurant nearby to ask for directions. Sometimes you really do have to ask for the better things in life.

What I loved most about this place was that I felt like I was in the living room of a very close friend’s house. A very luxe, stylish friend’s living room, but still, a dream of a place for sure. A variety of seating fills the space, from leather club chairs and velvet wing backs and comfortable sofas, the atmosphere is decidedly old money with a modern, friendly flair. The walls are done in burgundy damask, and there was a crackling fire to set the mood, while a variety of paintings line the walls, giving you something to appreciate at no matter where you look.

My friends and I snagged a place in the window, and we immediately started catching up, and looking at the menu. I opted for a Drie Van Drie, which was seaweed infused whisky, salted-liquoirice bitters, and sherry. It arrived looking short but delivered quite the punch, and was a pleasant little something to nurse throughout the evening. A friend ordered The Flintlock, which was inspired by old handguns, and was comprised of gin, gunpowder tea tincture, sugar, dandelion and burdock bitters, and Fernet Branca. And I do believe it was set aflame upon arrival, so, you know, if you’re looking for some tableside entertainment, I think you found it.

Overall, this may be my new home-away-from-home in London. I’d love to stay here on my next trip, and if not, I will definitely be getting drinks here. There’s also a full menu to take advantage of, which I will be doing the next time I’m in town.

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