With all the lotions and potions out there, it sometimes feels a little confusing when you’re trying to figure out what you actually need. As a fan of keeping things as simple as possible, I’ve created a grooming regime that’s rather simple and straightforward. Cleanse. Balm. Moisturizer. And that’s about it for a daily basis. But that means the products I use all have to hold their own.

The Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm is one that’s been a pleasant experience. It’s an easy step, but it’s one that accomplishes a lot. Packed with natural actives, this product calms, hydrates, and nourishes the face, neck and eye area, and it does so without clogging pores or creating shine. Which is perfect.

After I cleanse my face I dry it and apply this. It goes on super light and absorbs quickly — you won’t feel like you’re really doing anything, but you’ll notice the results building the more you use it. My skin looked matte but refreshed, and it felt clean without being stripped or feeling tight.

Packed with myrtle, kendi seed, and carrot seed, the product has calming and antiseptic properties to help fight in-growns and razor burn and bumps, so keep that in mind. I like how it smells, natural without smelling like an incense shop.

I will say to use this when your face is as dry as possible — the first time I used it my face was still wet from cleansing and I wasn’t happy with how it dried on my skin. Felt a little tacky to the touch. But, the directions say to apply on clean dry skin, so there you go. Read the directions, gents.

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