When it comes to skincare, I really keep things pretty simple. I’m all about a good cleanser and following it up with a nice rich face cream. I’ve been a fan of Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica for some time, but recently the guys at Turo Skin sent over their Regerating Night Cream and I may now be a caught in the middle of two lovers.

First up, I’m a fan of the packaing on the Regenerating Night Cream. It’s small, simple, and has a great dispenser. No sticking fingers in open containers of cream, and no muss, no fuss. I need about half of a pump of product, and it takes a total of two seconds. Perfect. It’s also great for travel, since it’s compact and sturdy — I can throw it in my dopp kit and I’m ready to go.

This cream is super rich and luxe, but it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all. It absorbs quickly, and my skin feels super refreshed and nourished. I’m a fan of the scent, which is very subtle and just smells like product — think spa, think high end grooming products, and it’s along those lines. No artifical “MAN” fragrances a la that hatchet brand and co.

The Regenerating Night Cream is built to help hydrate, renew, and rejuvenate skin overnight. I like using this cream during the day as well, especially now that we’re entering blistery winter conditions, and I definitely think my skin looks more radiant when I slather this on before going to bed.

This contains Vitamin A in its purest and most active form — oh hi, retinol — which gives you great skin elasticity and reduces photodamage. There’s alo leaf juice to help normalize dry skin and help with elasticity and moisture. There’s an allantoin, which delivers anti-inflammatory benefits, and then there’s shea butter, which is a great emolient derived from the karite tree.

Do I know what the karite tree is? Nope, but I do know shea butter is great for moisturizing and keeping your skin in tip top shape.

Overall, I’m super excited about this Regenerating Night Cream, and it’s been my go to product for about 3 weeks now. When you find something you love, don’t be afraid to say so. And don’t let it go.

Pick your new lover up at The Regenerating Night Cream is $50.

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