Responding to the growing demand and desire for high-quality gluten free products, Tu-Lu’s Bakery puts the heart back into gluten-free bakery. Dedicated to delivering baked goods that are both delicious and beautiful, special attention is paid to the texture and moistness of their goodies.

I met with one of the founders when I stopped by and I was up front with my usual skepticisms of gluten free bakery — I’ve had a lot of brownies better described as dustbowls, but I was assured everything would be tasty and delightful — and it was! I went for the cupcakes and was delighted to find the cake was moist and fluffy, and the frostings were whipped up just right, and not too sugary.

I love Tu-lu’s because they’re experimenting in the kitchen. And even better, they keep a diary at the front of the store, where they jot down notes of the requests for products they don’t have. Every Thursday new offerings are posted on the bakery’s Facebook, and most of these new developments are a result of customer feedback.

Tu-Lu’s aims to be the people’s bakery, and there are charts behind the counter mapping out various allergies — corn, soy, dairy, eggs. Take a gander, and you’ll be able to find something to indulge in, no mater your dietary needs.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the one to really go looking for gluten-free options, but I loved this place and wanted to share in case this is the type of thing you’re looking for.

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