It might be the middle of summer but that doesn’t mean you can’t be thinking about your fall/winter wardrobe. When I’m traveling, a good trench coat really is key for making the most of the weather, while still looking presentable in a variety of situations. When I was living in Italy a trench coat was perfect for the cold, windy winters — you can bundle yourself up and yet still look stylish.

This one is an eBay find from a handful of years ago, and I still love it, even though it now is starting to show its age. I love it because it fits me perfectly; even though I bought it online, without trying it on, I know my measurements and how clothing fits me. It takes maybe 10 minutes to do the measurements and really think about it, but the pay off is huge, and the key to getting a high end look without spending a ton.

Zara has a great option on sale right now, which you can pick up here, and is a stunning navy blue color. I’m always a fan of mixing navy and black. When done right, the contrasts are like playing with lighting: the effect is depth, and a richness. That said, I tend to lean towards navy with a bit more of a cobalt undertone, as that brighter touch will take you farther.

For getting that luxe look, I also usually suggest going for navy. It usually reads more expensive, is still dark and understated, but stands out from the sea of black and gray.

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