While Boston is more known for being prim and proper, I feel like there aren’t that many swanky places that don’t make you feel suffocated. Call me crazy, but the butler with the white gloves isn’t really my style. Top of the Hub is a decidely swanky establishment, with views to die for and an experience worth getting all dolled up for.

Now, I’ve been here a few times, each under very different occasions. Once for a friend’s birthday party, another time was just for drinks, and yet another was when I finally said goodbye to Boston, just before I moved to Italy.

The food, I can say, is delicious. Perfectly done, deliciously presented, and worth the money, which, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of, as the sandwiches are reasonable (about $16) and served in ample portions.

But, if you ask me, nobody really goes there just for the food — it’s all about the views. At the top of the Prudential Center, Top of the Hub boasts unrivaled views over the city. Visit in the evening and you can watch as the lights come on and extend out into what seems like infinity.

Stare out at the lights, or across the table into the eyes of that someone special, as this is definitely a great date place, though I’ve also celebrated birthdays here. If you’re looking for a little something different, head here to add that extra swish to your evening.

Side note, a table in the lounge does have a $25/person minimum, but I didn’t think that was a big deal if you’re getting dinner and a drink. If you’re heading there just for a drink or two, saddle up to the bar — no minimum, but you also won’t get the clear-cut city views.

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